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  • We carry all of the best names in the buisness, come and see brands like JL Audio, Kenwood and Kenwood Excelon, Kicker, JVC, Alpine and more. Call us for pricing and availability.
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  • Peace of Mind and a Comfortable ride with AutoPage
  • $0.00 Peace of Mind and a Comfortable ride with AutoPage
  • Audio Connections is proud to offer AutoPage as a mobile security solution for your auto. Protect your investment and gain peace of mind with a security system, made to suit your needs. Two-way paging systems allows your vehicle to let you know when it is being tampered with, when the engine is on, if the car is locked or unlocked, along with other information. Remote start and Keyless Entry can be added to just about any vehicle, this is a great option for those cold winter days or when we have those record setting summers. So please call us at 940-696-0789 to schedule your install and make your vehicle safe and comfortable, all year long.
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  • Have a lead foot?
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  • We carry a large selection of the best detectors available from Escort, the leader in radar and laser detection. Today's detectors can work from a much greater distance than ever before and with GPS positioning they minimize false alarms present in other detectors. Please call for pricing and availability
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  • Dynamat
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  • We carry everything Dynamat has to offer. Whether you want to cancel out road noise, hold in that precious air conditioning or drastically improve your sound quality, Dynamat is for you. Dynamat requires professional install for maximum performance. Let our installer's 20+ years of combined experience go to work installing Dynamat in your vehicle today! Please call or stop by for pricing and availability.
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  • Factory Fit Solutions
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  • Love the look and feel of your factory radio? We understand, that is why we offer solutions from JL Audio, Kicker and other brands that can be added to your factory system, with no wires cut and no permanent modification to your vehicle. The JL Audio CleanSweep is a great example of how to get studio quality sound out of your factory radio. Check out JL Audio's website to learn more. Want to add subwoofers? No problem. We can also add features like iPod connectors, AUX ports, and BlueTooth to everything from your brand new truck, to your project car. Please call us for pricing and availability.
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  • Kicker Warhorse Amplifier
  • $2,500.00 Kicker Warhorse Amplifier
  • 10,000 watts RMS Kicker's biggest and baddest amplifier is on sale now at Audio Connections. Do not miss this amazing deal on one of the biggest amplifiers ever built. Price does not include shipping.
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